Ochre, formed by Sebastian Green and Colette Green, offers ways of working with individuals and organisations to enhance relationships, development and change. Ochre specialises in a systemic approach based on the work of Bert Hellinger and Hunter Beaumont.
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Tribute to Bert Hellinger

B alance comes when alls included

E verything is in its place

R eciprocity grows such riches

T imeless truths of every race


H elping hands are clean of helping

E ntangled in the web no more

L oyalty reaches destination

L ove needs no conscientious shore

I dentified is lost to presence

N ow the soul may move at will

G oing twords its greater landscape

E ffort halts the movement till

R est becomes the daily rhythm, grace
becomes the constant state.

A tribute poem for Bert Hellinger by Colette Green on the occasion of his 85th birthday