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Professor Franz Ruppert

Professor Franz Ruppert has been Professor of Psychology at the University of Applied Sciences, Munich since 1992.


Franz is a well published author, an international figure with a unique theory and integrated approach to bonding and trauma. A very sought after teacher worldwide and a facilitator whose use of the constellation methodology coupled with his research findings have huge implications for how we look at, see, experience and teach about trauma, its effects and its healing.

His view is that we need to work at a new level and depth in order to respond to the growing needs of the world, and that as people who work with people we have a responsibility to know and understand the place of trauma within the system and its effect across generations.

His is a theory of Psycho - traumatology, of trans-generational and early attachment trauma which he address through the methodology of the constellation using a particular constellation;

‘The constellation of the ‘intention’. Through this he explores the relationship between our symbiotic interconnectedness and our ability to be autonomous. He believes these two to be absolutely influenced by early attachment trauma. In working with this symbiotic trauma, the trauma of an infant attempting to connect with a mother who is herself traumatized, he addresses multi generational issues of fragmentation as he works with the process of integrating the splits in the soul.

Website: www.franz-ruppert.de