Ochre, formed by Sebastian Green and Colette Green, offers ways of working with individuals and organisations to enhance relationships, development and change. Ochre specialises in a systemic approach based on the work of Bert Hellinger and Hunter Beaumont.
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Jan Jacob Stam

Jan Jacob Stam (1954) www.hellingerinstituut.nl


Jan Jacob is an organizational and management consultant. He studied Biology and Educational Sciences. For many years he was a partner and management consultant with a Dutch consulting firm and previously a schoolteacher and manager at Dutch Telecom. Together with his wife Bibi Schreuder he founded the Dutch ‘Bert Hellinger Institute ‘ which Bert himself came to and officially opened.

For over ten years now they offer workshops and trainings in organizational constellation work and family constellations which people come to from all over the world. He has run trainings, workshops and various conferences at home and abroad.

Jan Jacob is the author of ‘Fields of Connection’ a book on organizational constellation work. He is a leading figure in Organizational work and at the forefront of his field internationally. He has recently joined ISCA’S international faculty at Bernried Germany.