Ochre, formed by Sebastian Green and Colette Green, offers ways of working with individuals and organisations to enhance relationships, development and change. Ochre specialises in a systemic approach based on the work of Bert Hellinger and Hunter Beaumont.
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Phillipa Lubbock


Philippa Lubbock is a Life Alignment teacher and practitioner who found her way to energy healing through a winding path that included classical music, theatre, bodywork and psychology. She trained as a Gestalt therapist and a Family Constellation facilitator. She is the author of Life Alignment: Heal Your Life and Discover Your Soul’s True Purpose.

Philippa was one of the first teachers to bring family constellation work to Ireland. A faculty member of The Hellinger Institute of Britian, She was one of the core group who learned from Bert Hellinger when constellation work was in its very infancy and has seen it develop in its many strands to what it encompasses today. One of the vital aspects of constellation work is presence. Philippa has a quality of presence which touches deeply in a healing way.